About Us

EG Chauffeurs was established to offer professional chauffeur services and brand new luxury cars in London to clients than any other available. We are bold in our promises because we know we will never let anyone down, and have a proven track record with existing clients – and indeed we strive to exceed all expectations at all the times. This is our simple philosophy: If the client is happy, we are happy.

Being a chauffeur needs more than just a PCO license or a luxury car. We need to be professional, friendly and customer service focused at all times and our primary goal is to ensure our clients feel safe and relaxed in our chauffeur driven luxury cars – That’s who we are!

Our Vision

EG Chauffeurs, has a vision to be the best chauffeurs company London has to offer. We aim to unlock our company’s great potential, helping to make us a leaner, more agile and more transparent organization. One that delivers but, above all, makes us the best business chauffeur company for our customers. We think about customers first in everything we do, consistently striving to positive long-lasting relationships and helping them achieve their business goals.

A word from the CEO

My objective is to keep the image of the word “Executive Chauffeur” where it should be and setting an example of London’s finest chauffeurs to our business and leisure clients. Professionalism is at the core of our business and at EG Chauffeurs we have built our reputation on the basis of our performance alone, and we take this very seriously at all times. We will compete vigorously and lawfully but will not compete unfairly with others. We would never seek to damage the reputation of our competitors either directly or by implication.

I believe life is about journeys, and my business is to make every journey matter!


Making a Difference Together

By working together we will make a positive impact for customers, colleagues and communities. By working together consistently in a collaborative way and really listening to what our customers need, we will build the best business chauffeur company for the customers and communities we serve.

Keeping it Simple

A simple business is more responsive, efficient and a better place to work. We make ourselves easy to do business with, communicating clearly and proactively seeking ways to improve our customers’ experience. By simplifying the way we work, we can dedicate more time and resources to meeting customer needs, taking the time to really listen to their hopes, needs and concerns and delivering the best possible service and expertise from London’s finest chauffeurs. We look forward to chauffeur you soon….

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