Mercedes S-Class New Shape

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  • 15/02/2016
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A revamped chauffeur favourite with a dash of innovation. There are many reasons why the stunning Mercedes S Class New Shape is the firm favourite between chauffeurs and VIP’s alike.

For the technical reasons; the S is Merc’s flagship saloon and has a history of tech breakthroughs. So it is again with the latest generation: new equipment includes Road Surface Scan, which uses a twin-lens camera on top of the windscreen to monitor the road up to 15m ahead. It allows the car to create a precise image of what’s coming up, like those unwanted paparazzi perhaps?!

Linked to that is a speed-sensitive air-suspension system with continuously adaptive damping control, which can modify the ride in a fraction of a second to smooth out any uneven sections. Also new is Magic Vision Control, a screen wash system that applies water directly to the wiper blades to minimise waste.

Luxury Chauffeur Driven S Class Specification

The vehicle’s infotainment system includes an optional 1,540-watt Burmester 3D surround-sound audio system with 24 amplifier channels and 24 specially designed speakers, including three integrated into the headlining. Even football commentary sounds fantastic.

Mercedes S-Class offers up to nine percent more power than the outgoing model, 18 percent less CO2 emissions and 22 percent better fuel consumption. In the rear, passengers can choose individual seats, which recline to an angle of 43 degrees, complete with heated armrests, a hot stone massage setting, and an Ottoman-style footstool.

Mercedes S350 New Shape LWB model costs £65,650. However, with the optional 360-degree parking camera, electric panoramic sunroof and something called an air-balance package – an ionisation system that filters air entering the vehicle to improve quality and remove pollutants – that takes the price to around £96,000. So no expense spared for that all important ‘experience’.

New Mercedes S Class Chauffeur Driven Hire

Enough of the technology now, the ‘experience’ is like no other. As a passenger, you are transported to another place entirely, one you’d rather not be awoken from. Being chauffeured from business meeting to business meeting, that in-between part where you shift to thinking about your next business move, in the Mercedes S-Class breaks up the monotony and provides a very welcome space in which to prepare in relaxation and in pure unadulterated bliss. Sensations are created in this car, in fact, it’s easy to forget you’re in a car when it feels more like a beach in a far away exotic land. If it’s a client you’d like to impress, please, look no further. An impression of this kind lives long in the memory.

So, the last question remains. When will you be booking your journey?